Exorbitant desk costs

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by broad, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Desk costs are starting to weigh a bit too heavily at the moment. Last year was admittedly below par on the trading front. I'm now questioning whether working from home is a better option or even going down the spread betting route.
  2. Where are you located?

    up in NY, desk space is free at most firms as long as you have an account.
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    Spot on, based in London. All prop fees are pretty much the same, so there are few options. Plus, I don't really want to become a journey man going from company to company for the sake of saving a few quid.
  4. How much are you paying?
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    £3200 which is pretty standard. You can get a cheaper package but doesn't provide me with what I need. There are some much more expensive ones.
  6. Are you saying 3200 pounds as in about $4500 or so? This must be some sort of different model than anything in U.S. Maybe a seat lease on an Exchange, but a "desk fee?"

    A bit shocking, I must be missing something.

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    £450 including 100mb internet plus vat per month, broadwick street, soho w1.
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    Hi Don, sorry I probably didn't explain it properly. Desk I £1000 and kit brings it up to £3200. After 15 years of prop I have just started considering other options. A few friends I know spread bet in addition to their prop trading, which is free through the net reasonably fast and tax free. Just signed up to a few demo's to test. Lot's of smoke and mirrors to attract new clients but I'll see how I get on. I know what I'm looking for in my head anyway.
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    The commissions are really expensive across the pond as well - every European client I take on eventually moves his futures account over to a Chicago FCM.

    Agree on the desk fee - very pricey. And you know the arcade/prop firm is taking a haircut with transaction fees also. Wow. Office space and ECN infrastructure over in London must be very pricey - or the local traders have a very high pain threshold.
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