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Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Pipflow, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Pipflow


    I was in a good opinion with this broker until recently i faced a very huge slippage with them. Because of which i even lost the money of the other opened trades because of insufficient funds.

    23 pips slippage is not a small thing. Not intending to invest in them anymore.
    Judge yourself.
  2. sheda


    A member posts a broker related expereince in forex brokers and you can only respond with a link stating you think it should be banned, how about you stay out of the forex section.
  3. nitro


    I don't even understand what you are trying to say. Are you using market orders?
  4. Eyez


    stop orders aren't guaranteed, only limit are, you should study what order types are.
  5. toolazy


    limit orders are not guaranteed with lots of brokers. I got executed sell limit 12 pips below my level.

    I had to change broker as this screws my risk parameters.
  6. nitro



    Can you provide a link that shows this? A limit order cannot execute at anything but the price you specify. A stop limit is another thing if it gets turned into a market order.
  7. toolazy


    cant provide you with the link but ask your broker directly. I was unaware of this until that particular trade. Had to go around couple before I found one that said clearly yes. This is non ECN broker which I prefer.

    Once prices reaches your limit level, order s sent to liq provider and becomes market order. In fast markets slippage is possible. I was slipped on usdjpy on some data release. It was entry into a swing trade. Sometimes you get positive slippage and this is why.
  8. vix77


    of course there is going to be slippage on that candle!!! you have 46.1 pip change in a minute - crazy candle and crazy volitle.

    although I think that the broker is a market maker, they should handle slippage better than ECN/STP...

    Really, you will ALWAYS get slippage on a candle like that