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    I have a method that is very good at predicting precise entries. My problem is that I am not doing a good job of exitting the trades.

    I bought a SPY 144 put about a week ago and it barely moved even though I was as much as 100 ticks in the money so I got out yesterday. We all see what Is happening today....dow down 186.

    I do this a lot. part of the reason is that I am buying options that barely move at first but then pick up steam as the trade goes in my favor.

    I also bought a March 112 bond call on Feb 14 and the bond has now moved almost 3 full points in my favor and yet I lost money. How you ask...it is the firts time I traded futures options and didnt know they expired 2/26. I thought they would at least trade unil the March 1 expiration but I guess they expire the Friday before.

    I have done these sames sorts of things on 20 of my last 24 trades and am getting frustrated.