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    I'm trying to work on an exit strategy for futures...

    can anyone give their ideas on when to sell...

    do you sell based on a percentage or amount made for the day?
    or a percentage based on the possible average range?

  2. Sell at, or very near to, the left trend line after you've seen peak volume...works for me. What have your percentages got to do with anything?
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    Left trend line ?
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    Sometimes when a stock i peaking big with no trend above, I use a trailing stop.
  5. Your exit strategy should have similar components as your entry strategy to prevent conflict in your trade management from entry to exit.

    Yep, a few out there can mix different entry and exit methods together without any problems.

    However, those types of traders tend to be very experience and have a strong understanding of the price action they are trading.

  6. Set your stop at least 10% above what you paid. Use an audible alarm. Wait buck naked in the closet until you hear the alarm go off.. If you are trading large, go the fetal position and insert thumb. If you are lucky enough to hear the alarm sound, go streaking through the neighborhood spazzing out like a black lady who was called to "come on down" on the Price is Right.

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    try that with Bidu..:) there will be so many audible alerts it will sound like jingle bells :D
  9. Just a quick comment regarding your post.

    As far as intraday type of trading is concerned, if a trader is buying on strength, and therefore, selling on weakness (I think that's what you're saying) and therefore not mixing the entry and exit methods, it seems to me that this is inherently a poor intraday strategy in the stock indexes. In fact, I think a strategy of this type may well be a loser over time unless there are some very big range, volatile type days.

    Because of this, in the stock indices, I've always believed that intraday you almost always have to mix your signals in some way. So if you buy on strength, you better use some method where you sell on strength. Just an opinion of course.


    Edit: Now that I read the OP post again, he really didn't specify "intraday". I'd say buy strength, sell weakness strategies work better the longer the time frame.
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    Im so relieved. For years Ive hid the fact that I watch Price is Right but because of you IM COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET. Thank you for setting me free.
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