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Discussion in 'Trading' started by gifropan, Feb 14, 2007.

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    yet I have heard him say he is always on the right side. this is impossible.

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  2. Yes...exactly.

    For example, lets say the following are components of your entry signal:

    A, B, C, D and E.

    However, your having problems with an exit strategy that has the following components:

    F, G and H.

    Solution could be in researching the merits of adding A, B, C, D or E to your exit strategy.

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  3. I do not know what you mean by non trading markets. Sounds hard to believe that a non trading market can cause massive losses.

    I view the market on three levels: coarse, medium and fine.

    You may think of these as how the price is varying over time or channels within channels.

    Most of the time price is moving and a given bar on a chart has a volatility as determined by its height.

    I trade 20 to 40 times a day using 5 minute bars.
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  4. Here is a view of parts of two screens. There are 17 leading indicators of ES price there when it is annotated. The indicators for ES and YM are not showing.

    As the market cycles, it becomes apparent that there are sequences of events on the elements of the data sets collected; these sequences occur for eack aspect and the aspects can be interrelated.
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  5. Hi Jack

    What I meant was non trending markets and not non trading. Too many position reversals with a small loss every time can accumulate to a very large loss without the market having made any significant move. This is why I feel unless the market is in a trading range reversing of positions can be very costly

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    i trade non trending intraday, and when an intraday trend does occur i try and just break even by reversing.

    volatility spikes are good indication that you can exit with a profit but often the spike is followed by some small accumulation and then a secondary short float trend.

    does anyone have suggestions for intraday exits that will maximize profits once a trade is in progress? i use counter trend entries now and profit targets. i have messed around with trend following and non trending methods. but the main problems are pegging strength and direction. other considerations are time of day, day of week, week of month all this has impact also i have found with intense testing.

    also anyone have an opinion of splitting exit methods for long and shorts?

    mark brown
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  7. Gilfropan. Pay close attention to what Jack advises. You will learn a lot about trading. And yourself. And become part of a supportive community with a common trading strategy. And have at your disposal an immense reference library of relevant posts. Trust me when I say that Jack has been at this for years and has a largely internally-consistent system.
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    another cabana boy .. :D

    For petes sake is there any threads that one pops into where jack and the flock have NOT contaminated?

    Jack , good news, soon i am going to disapear and switch away from ET. Sound good? .. :D

    I will miss stuff like thuis from Crackerjack; "I do not use STOPS, instead i just stay on the right side of the mkt bu doing reversals when the mkt didtates.""sometimes during a day that might be up to 200 times"... ..
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  9. Big Hog, everything he said is true. Read it again.
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    this forum sufferers from a cruel HOAX - really pitiful and darn glad im not on an island with them and their line drawing maniac guru.

    mark brown
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