Existence of PPT

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Is the PPT proping up markets?

  1. Yes, I have believed all along, and the PPT exists and is currently supporting the markets.

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  2. Yes, I did not always believe in the PPT but in light of recent development I do and they are curren

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  3. Yes, I have always believed the PPT exists but has yet to intervene in the "free' markets.

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  4. Yes, I did not always believe in the PPT but in light of recent development I do but has yet to inte

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  5. No, the PPT does not exist (please refute photographic evidence below)

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  1. :D

    Are the above members of the PPT conducting official PPT business or are they just lost and just so happen to bump into the President on the whitehouse lawn during a speech regarding plunge protection.
  2. This has been discussed ad-nausiem on here. Enough with the PPT threads. Is public-knowledge they exist... no big deal.
  3. hughb


    If the plunge protection team exists, why has the market plunged over 20% from it's high? Doesn't sound like a very competent team to me.
  4. P lanned

    P overty

    T eam
  5. Persdawg


    as opposed to 20% in a day or two....they have controlled the inevitable move down.
  6. hughb


    OK, so let's change the name to CIMDT, Control the Inevitable Move Down Team.
  7. hughb


    Hmm, the CIMDT doesn't seem to be in the office today.
  8. Persdawg


    you're actually right...jewish new year.
  9. Persdawg


    and I like the CIMDT as much or more than PPT...but PPT just rolls right off the tip..
  10. Greenspan talks about the PPT in his book. As you all know, FOMC stands for Federal <b>Open Market</b> Committee, and one of their operations to promote price stability is the purchase of Index Futures on the open market. The PPT deployed all their forces today.
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