Executive Director in Goldman Sachs is a 25 year old kid??????

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  1. A kid with a 190 IQ and ZERO morals or ethics.

  2. And we wonder the rationale behind the new asinine immigration law in Arizona. Yes, this guy is french. But that is beside the point. What is an "american", prey tell? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger less "american" than you?
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    You seem to be very concerned about gs; do you work for them by any chance? :D
  4. 190 IQ????

    You guys are funny

    He is 25 years old for GODS SAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. i think he is 31 and french
  6. IQ is not synonymous with age. Hope that helps.
  7. He looked like he was the least crooked of the bunch. As a rule, French executives are likely to be less crooked than their American counterparts . The French have very good schools which produce brilliant students that 's why he ended up at GS.
    That said, if he looked honest, he looked like an honest ahole.
  8. I listened to him. I liked the guy. Seemed smart and agressive and was not going to snowballed.
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    This source (and others) say he is 31. That puts him at 27 - 28 when these deals were done.

    What did you achieve by 31?
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