Execution trader's salary

Discussion in 'Trading' started by moskvich, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. moskvich


    Do you guys know any shops that hire execution traders?
    i.e. they give you trade signals when to get in/out, and
    what would a fair salary + %P/L be for that kind of position or a variation of it???
  2. Isn't what you're describing a bot?

    I think they get "paid" a few watts. Hard to make ends meet on that if you're a human...
  3. moskvich


    not a bot, i'm talking about 100% human trading.

    whats a few watts?
  4. wutang


    a joke
  5. Surdo


    You will never get such a job since there are literally 100's of experienced market makers, sales traders & specialist clerks willing to do this job. I doubt any PM is going to hire some inexperienced Russian mook!

    That job pays 75-100K if you can get it.
  6. ilx100


    65 to 85k plus percentage of fund pnl would be my answer....
  7. I approve of this thread