Execution trader??

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by beer money, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Thanks for all the helpful responses to the last post. I knew I could count on the ET community to deliver the goods.
    Seriously though, the interview was tough. Lots of deep questions meant to probe me psychologically. Barely even looked at my resume.

    However, in hindsight I am a little confused about something. He kept talking about how trading is all about how you deal with losses, how you know when something isn't working and how you read people (like, duh dude). This is the kicker. Then he told me all of the trades were generated by quant models and that the traders were just entering the trades and had no discretion over portfolio decisions. So what the heck is all this carrying on about reading people and handling losses? Is this because the traders are trading against the broker or market maker in an attempt to get the best price/execution? If the trader has a certain period of time to execute the trade to get the best entry point its plausible to think the inputs responsible for generating the original trade have changed and therefore the model's outputs have changed right?

    My conclusion: These guys are execution traders that see themselves in a higher regard than they should.

    Am I way off? What are your thoughts? Anyone have any experience with something like this?