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    How much does an execution trader earn these days? This is someone who simply executes directly from the signals generated by a model without any discretion whatsoever. We are looking for someone and anyone interested should contact me. It is a quantitative global macro fund that generates about 20-30 trades per day. Might have other general responsibilities with opportunity for growth. Hours are 6 am to 4 pm as there is a night trader already. Please let me know if anyone knows someone interested. Thanks.
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    Still looking for advise on the proper compensation. Position is in NYC. Anyone interested, let me know...
  3. I'm interested in the position. Please send me a personal message with an email address to which I can send my resume.
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    Expect to pay something around 100k a year, that's including bonus. How do you vary the bonus and basic salary equation, it's up to you. You are paying a trader who helps you to minimize slippage, it can't be anyone on the street. The ideal candidate would help you to beat the slippage of your model, and this makes him/her worth a lot more than 100k a year.

    If slippage is not an issue at all, then it could be anyone on the street... and you don't need to spend 100k a year.
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    Thank you for your kind feedback. The role is not to beat slippage. The model executes currencies (spot and forward), global interest rates (futures), global commodities (futures), no equities. There is NO DISCRETION at all and the person needs to be very trustworthy on that. The role is simply to monitor and execute the model in case something goes haywire or gets screwy. The role is to execute the trades exactly as the model dictates whether based upon a specific price or time. Easy but somewhat boring job I suppose. There would be some paperwork or trade confirm type work involved to occupy the time between trading. About 20-30 trades per day. Thanks again for your response and feedback on salary range.
  6. Ultimately it has to do with what kind of remedial action the trader has to do when something goes wrong.

    If the backup instructions could be written down on the back of an envelope and followed by anybody, then you only have to pay for reliability and basic competence.

    But if the backup instructions involving manually calculating something, understanding enough to know when the calculations are in the right ballpark and no gross errors have been made, you might need to pay for experience as well.

    If we're talking about a complicated book that changes rapidly all the time during the day, recovering from a failure in an automated system might take someone with considerable experience and ability - ie someone expensive.
  7. You need to post what qualifications and experience the trader needs to have. Do they need to know how to use a Bloomberg terminal? What software do they need to know how to use and execute through? What type of asset classes do they need to have knowledge and experience in? And other stuff like that.

    Also, you need to post a more in depth list of the responsibilities of the position.

    Until you are more specific I would say the Salary would range from $35k to $100k a year.
  8. Automate.
  9. outsource the job to someone from overseas. if you want someone from USA, try to have it done at home. Also, I can recommend a person (not me) to you. PM me if you want. I must say that it is a little boring as a job. I can suggest to you ideas on how to make it more interesting. PM me.
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