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    Any tips for a person trying to get a job as an execution trader?

    I have several years of prop trading experience. I left trading in 2006 to go back to school. I currently hold a BS in Finance, graduated Magna Cum Laude, and have a good math and computer science base. I have been trying to get into an execution trading position. Unfortunately, I did not graduate from a top tier school (even though I am confident I am smart enough to have been very competitive at any of them), which I believe is one of the reasons I can not get an interview. I am located in NY (Long Island) and I am willing to commute or move to any place in the tri-state area.

    Any help someone can give such as companies I may not know of, headhunters to speak with, what to write on my resume, or anything else you can think of would be appreciated.

    Also, I am thinking of going back to school to get a technical degree, or maybe just the required classes to qualify for a MFE program. Any tips on how whether this approach would increase my chances of one day becoming a paid (not prop) trader?
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    The only way you will ever get a job as an "execution trader" in this current market is through a family member or fraternity brother that owes you a solid.

    In other words, those jobs are filled before the job becomes vacant.

    Call everybody and everybody you know that works on a trading desk and beg for the coffeeboy or Autex Operator position, and one day you might start answering phones and you can call yourself "trader"!
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    I've been trading for 2 decades and turning the corner is easily the best and the worst thing that ever happened to me. If I had to do it all over again I couldn't run fast enough from the markets. Take it from a guy who has been in the trenches for a long time -- Do Something Else.

    Success awaits you but so does heartache and stress. If you make money you will most certainly earn it. Find a good plastic surgeon because you'll need the years of wear and tear removed from your face. Trading is a brutal way to make a living. If you make it you won't be qualified to do anything else.
  5. You should become a headhunter and work for yourself from home. Headhunters typically charge 25-30% of the first year salary to the hiring company for a candidate placed. You can make $300k or more per year if you work hard and be able to travel for 3 months each year.
  6. If it's so lucrative, why don't you do it?

    Oh yeah, cause headhunters are struggling right now and desperately calling any company they can everyday begging for positions to fill.

    I don't know whoever gave you the idea that they make that much, unless they are high end executive recruiters who have established relationships.
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    I already know trading is not easy from my years as a day trader at a prop company. I dont want to do the prop thing again.

    I was hoping for some positive feedback and real tips on the career path I know I want not a bunch of sarcastic comments from people who are sad, pissed, and/or burt out from their jobs.

    Please only respond if you have something constructive to add which will help me get an execution trading job.

    Thank you
  8. Do you have a preference for the type of execution? Some require physical strength while other types require some knowledge of electricity or chemistry.
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    OP what you need to understand is the truth

    You couldn't cut it as a trader, so you want to make money a bit like a broker, being the executioner :)

    and you are hoping that who ever hires you will teach you trading

    be honest and say it like it is, I am right aren't I (I didn't read this whole thread)


    either learn to trade retail on your own, or give up trading business completely and become a plumber or dentist etc
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    lol leave it to ET to pour salt onto wound :D
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