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  1. Strunz


    I'm very interested to open an account with one of this three firms ( CMC , REALTIME FOREX , CMS ).

    Before deciding to open the account however, I have a technical question that's important for me. Please give me a precise answer, not vague.
    I need to know,please from real account customer of these firms how many seconds exactly pass between the click for buy/sell order and the arrival of the executed confirmation of the fill.
    The question refers to normal conditions of market and in fast marker conditions.
    Thank you.
  2. Instantaneous usually.
  3. Hey, Strunz, welcome to forex! What took yah so long to get here? ;)

    My best advice to you is to include a company called OANDA into your broker list.

    I have tried just about every demo out there and even had a live account at one of the big brokerages. From my own experience and what I read of others' a main complaint is the execution time as well as slippage.

    I have found none of those troubles plaguing OANDA.

    Check out OANDA's demo. You'll see that when you click your trade is executed just like that, even in heavy market volatility. A live account is identical.

    Also, with OANDA you can trade as little as 1 unit :D. Other brokers lock you into trading a full "lot" being 100,000 units :eek:.

    Let me know how it goes!

    Kindest regards,

  4. Strunz


    Which one has instantaneous execution ?
    Are you a customer of all three brokers to say it ?
  5. Lucrum


    ditto overlord's remarks on Oanda. Their demo and real accounts are the same and I've had no problems with execution delays. I did have some execution delay problems with FXCM.
  6. Strunz


    Thank you very much for your suggestions.
    I don't like Oanda for others reasons , and I would like to have an answer on the three brokers of my questions ( CMC , REALTIME FOREX , CMS ).

    Which delay problems Did you have with FXCM ?I know that if you are not a scalper they Don't put you in "Manual execution modality".
    Kindest regards,
  7. gaincapital , forex.com ( for mini ) ,

    refcofx , or refcofx ( mini ) ?

    they might be worth looking at too
  8. AdlerNY


    At your situation, I can talk about CMC only. They have tree types of exuction time:

    5-20 sec -- normal conditions of market.
    1-3 minutes -- fast marker conditions.
    Sometimes you can get instant fill.
  9. Question regarding execution speed.... i always ( 95% of the time)use market entry orders with bracketed stoploss and limit exit target.. i too believe my fills are instantaneous.... i live in the boonies so 56k is my internet connecttion... 2 computers... 2 56k lines... 2 broker accounts..........is the lack of a high speed internet connection ( cable or dsl) fooling me into thinking my fills are instantaneous... i always get filled at the posted bid/ ask prices.... thanks
  10. Strunz


    Thank you larrybf.
    Yoy don't mention which brokers are you speaking in your answer.
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