Execution time for a trade

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by toothman, May 17, 2006.

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    How long does it take the average broker to execute a trade after you click on it' or does it happen simultaneously? Thanks
  2. The fair way to answer this question is in two parts.

    1. The execution time should be instant, a second at most, in normal market conditions. This is true for all brokers.

    2. When the market is active, during a major news release, the broker can take quite some time to fill you. This is where brokers vary.

    I have only dealt with one broker so I am sorry that I can't give you comparisons, but I'm sure that if you start a thread asking memebers to compare the execution speeds of their brokers in an ACTIVE market, you'll get great responses.

    Good Luck and Great Trading
  3. If the broker sees that your trade is going to lose it will be executed immediately. If the broker sees that you will win it will be rejected.