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    What would you consider an average execution speed? It takes me about 3-4 seconds to get a fill. Resulting in crappy fills sometimes. I live on the east coast and the brokers server is in Chicago. New computer, wi-fi. I remember getting faster fills 5 years ago.
  2. Robert Morse

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    What asset class?
    What route are you offered?
    Is this for marketable orders?

    If the order is marketable, an equity or option execution through our Direct Market Access (DMA) or "SMART" routes are typically executed in well under a second. Futures would be the same. If you are sending equity orders to a broker route like Nite or Citadel, or if these are OTC symbols, the delay is typical.

  3. Well, getting a fast fill far away from the market doesn't really help you, does it ? I would think a better question would be, how close to the market was my fill ?
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    How can I get a fill the way from the market?
  5. zdreg


    if you get a fill away from the market you should wonder if you made the right entry point decision.
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    Not sure how that happens with reg nms.
  7. zdreg


    a better fill than your entry point.
  8. My average is about 250 milliseconds with Interactive Brokers. I've seen as low as 95 milliseconds and as high as 1.5 seconds.
  9. rb7


    I'm averaging 500 ms round-trip with IB, when I hit the bid or lift the offer (CME/e-mini).
    And it's pretty much stable.
    I'm located in Canada on the east coast.
    I'm using IB Gateway, not TWS.

    The question is, would you benefit from a faster respond time?
    3-4 secs is not that bad if you get filled at the price you want, unless you're scalping and/or doing hundreds of trades per day.
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    how do you know that the report of internet fills is slow because of your internet provider, but the execution was near instantaneous.?
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