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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by H2O, Apr 29, 2002.

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    I currently trade with IB but I'm looking for a change because IB doesn't offer

    - Charts
    - LevelII with integrated order entry
    - screening and monitor markets

    and more...

    I think it would be great if there would be some kind of solution for this. My thought are to link Attitude Financial or Realtick (or any other good (complete) execution software to IB.

    Does anybody know if this is possible ?

    I would be willing to pay up to $200,- / month to get the execution software but it needs to have a direct connection with IB so I can enter orders into IB directly from the software (I don't care if TWS has to be up and running)

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    Switch to any broker that uses RealTick.
  3. I read on their website you can now use third party software, but I don't know what... I personally don't need level 2 and there are some advantages in having a data provider that is not your broker. As for RT it's soo expensive...
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    I've searched all brokers I could find but non of them comes even close to IB (commissions) except pointdirex. Pointdirex will be my next step untill I'm going to switch to a pro firm (I allready contacted Echotrade)

    I like the commission stucture of IB (all included fee with no ($1.00) minimum) Their executions are fast enough. The only thing I might need in the future are bullets.

    What I meant however, there are some execution software packages (attitude financial for example) which would help me with all my problems if only it could be linked with IB
  5. I bought a year of eSig for 79 a month and got free Level II (just 10 a month exchange fee). I love IB's simple order entry; I just click on the bid and the offer to set up a buy-sell round trip, wait for the entry point and hit Transmit (short or long). The other side of the trade is 1 mouse click away.

    Yes IB offers little in the way of extras but the commission structure makes up for it big time. I make trades now that I would never make with 20-35.00 per roundtrip on 500 shares. The money I save each month allows me to buy any charting service out there and still come out way ahead.

    Some brokers give RealTick for free but with 100+ trades or whatever the min amount is, and at 15.95 a trade. Some even add ticket charges.

    I wouldn't go any other way than with IB and any 3rd party quote service.
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    i send email to this web site about your Execution Software for IB
    they said they can do it for you.
    send them what is your needs exactly
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    Try Tradestation 1.2 cent execution. Maybe it fits your needs. What bothers is that Tradestation bundles your 1.2 cent execution with their charting/backtesting software for I thiunk is 99$/month.
    Anyways if you go with Realtick you will also have to pay for datafeed and charting.

  9. I went to stockheart's web page and couldn't tell if they can pair realtick with IB.

    Does anyone know if it is possible to use realtick with IB integrated executions? No way in hell I'd pay $15 tickets.
  10. H2O


    That's my problem as well,

    I've no problem in paying $200 / month for good software but I would like to trade at a maximum of $0.01 / share (no tickets)

    I need sofwtare with
    - charting (basic)
    - alerts
    - screening
    - level II with integrated order entry
    - of course it must be direct access to all ECN

    In my opinion also realtick, redi and attitude would work..
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