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  1. jay15


    what does everyone pay for execution? i am trying to gauge if I have a good deal.
  2. .0085 pershare.....rebated with volume
  3. lescor


    It's been discussed a lot on this board, mostly under the professional firms forums, try a search. Depends on the amount of capital you put up, your volume, experience and lots of other things. Retail vs. prop also factors in.
  4. maybe you can start by telling us yours??????
  5. jay15


    i currently trade at .006 per share. Mostly nasdaq some listed.
  6. mgkrebs


    I bet if we pm you you can hook us up, right?
  7. jay15


    i certainly can put you in touch with the partners of my firm. Feel free to pm or im me and we can chat.
  8. trendy


    mqkrebs. Bingo on that one!
  9. lojze


    Hi Lescor,

    Which company do you use for trading?
    Do you have any idea for interim solution to enlarge the buying power (and not with S7 exam, which I don't have yet)

  10. lescor


    If you don't want to get licensed and join a prop trading firm, and you want more than 4:1 leverage, you could search for the firms that have some kind of private backing deal where you are still retail. There's probably a few of them around here who would be glad to help you out.

    I trade with Lynx Capital (or I will as soon as someone at the NASD gets around to processing my paperwork)
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