Execs: Recession has hit bottom

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Kevmeister, Aug 20, 2009.

  1. Not what I'm hearing from the Private Manufacturing world.

    They are saying orders are slowly picking up however, there are no plan's to hire in the next year for most and their margins are very tight.

    Most are cautious but hopefull. Their inventories have been almost depleted as has their clients. Yet, there are no plans with most I know, to rench up Inventory.

    So, I would say my clients are more upbeat but very very cautious as are their customers.

    Publicly traded companies are full of shit, their 10Ks are bullshit and most are carrying a huge debt load that they have to do whatever tricks they can to get their stock's moving higher...get some more working capital.

    Public Companies are a Joke.

    True traders should clean up on all this volitility that could last a while....
  2. jnorty


    Who gives 2 shits if "we've hit bottom". Hit bottom with business down 50% from 2007? Yet stocks have skied so high many are back to 2005-2006 levels when business was monstrous. I'm so freakin tired of hearing the bottoms in for business for 6 straight months yet i still see 580k claims a week,consumer confidence back to march lows,pmi still under 50. this has been the biggest sham rally ever.
  3. wartrace


    Looking at the insider sales to purchases you would think they would know better than to sell at the recessions bottom. If in fact we were at the bottom wouldn't they want to hold on to their shares :confused:
  4. fhl


    I just saw in a study yesterday that insider sales are way up right now.

    And that's why they're making bullish statements. Read reminiscences.