Excuses for interview postponing

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  1. I am having an interview in a few days, and I do not feel fully prepared. I do not want to waste an interview. What could be a legitimate reason for postponing of an interview, if any? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  2. Tell'em you have the runs:eek:
  3. Then go and prepare yourself as well as you can in the remaining days and visualize a positive outcome.
    They may be looking for Mr. Perfect, but they know he doesn't exist. And so should you.

    3 Years ago, I had an interview for a prop trader vacancy. Back then, I thought it was horrible. "Stress interview" is such a wonderful euphemism.

    Looking back, it wasn't just an amazing experience - it even was a major moment towards attaining the mind set of a trader.
    Without that smart ass dutch guy messing around with me back then during that interview, I'd probably still search for the holy grail instead of starting my own hedge fund these days :p
  4. You'll learn more from an interview gone bad than the one that goes great. Prepare the best you can, walk in like you own the f'n place, and let the chips fall where they may.
  5. A few days is a lot of time to prepare.

    First, you cannot postpone an interview no matter what the occupation. It will simply appear bad for obvious reasons. You set an appointment. Now you have to live up to your word.

    Second, remember that you are in control of the interview. If the interviewer has control, then you wont get the job. Go in there with confidence, energy and ego.

    Third, make this a presentation where the interviewer does not need to ask questions. If the interviewer has to ask questions, then you didnt present yourself properly. At the end of the presentation, the interviewer should just have a few follow-up questions.
  6. Beware that postponing an appointment means "I must reallocate my schedule to something more important than my appointment with you." You are saying the interview isn't your very top priority, which may not be well received.
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    OK, so we have pretty much established that the alternative of just doing your best and not postponing your interview is out of the question.

    But if you decide not to postpone the interview and you are worrying about a test, do a google search of solutions manual for employee SUBJECT test.

    If the test will provide you internet access, have your cheat sheets ready.

    Quickly upload your cheatsheet to a random website and when your done with the interview delete it just in case.

    Mobile phone. Calculator. Fire alarm if your that desperate.

    BUT, if you know the only way to nail this interview is to be ready for it and you are not ready, then do a google search for postponement excuses.

    I did one a while back not for an interview and I found some very good information.

    BUT, like everyone said, postponing an interview is never good regardless if your cat dies.