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    Trading is the activity of buying and selling.

    Whether it is developing a keen eye for a bargain or after a lengthy evaluation of each of the possibilities - a certain amount of risk is involved in any trading approach.

    There is however a trading approach that apparently carries no risk.

    Excuse trading is on the surface risk free. When no trade is taken despite obvious opportunity the Opportunity cost can be reduced to zero with adequate Excuses.

    Instead of trading according to a developed trading system which generates buy and sell signals an Excuse Trader will find reasons why he can't. If he had bought it would have turned out differently, as it always seems to - or so the refrain goes.

    A Trader - Trades! He does not always have successful trades but he will buy and sell whenever he recognizes the signals that he has devised which will generate on the average profits for him. He picks and chooses only insofar as he can quantify trades which have not stood a good chance of working out for him.

    He may not trade during certain time periods, he may rule trades out for technical or fundamental reasons. However if 10 trades present themselves as fitting his criteria in a single day or a single hour, as a Trader he will make those trades, not 9 or 10 excuses.

    This applies to signals generated by a trading system. If a trader is only taking 1/3 of the "safest looking" trades all of which fit its criteria, he has entered a subjective quality into the system that may change it from a profitable system to a non profitable system.

    Take your time to generate and test a trading plan. Really understand the plan. Then trade your plan!

    Be a Trader!

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