exclusive YM daytraders for a living?..how can you do it?

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  1. hey...with the volume so "thin" how do you exclusively trade the YM for a living?...scale in and out..and must make like 40-60 point gains or trade say 10 "all in" and get 10 YM point pop for $500?...???
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    you can easily do something like a 10-lot. I gues you can also do up to 30, but then you probably don't get filled immediately, but maybe in two or three times.
  3. if your trade even 5 contracts for 10 point gains, you can make good money daily. depends on how much you want to earn, no free money regardless of what contracts you trade. their is enough volume without slippage on the ym for a small number of contracts traded per execution.
  4. the volume is not "so thin"

    the very idea is ridiculous.

    a decent YM trader should be able to average about 20 pts a day

    with 5 contracts, that's $500 a day, which is a decent income

    in this enviro, 20 is a bit conservative due to the volatility expansion, but in general 20 is a reasonable #
  5. why do you not think it is "thin"?...seriously...okay,what is the most contracts you think (or have seen) that can be "thrown" at it at one time?...I.E 10,20,50?....I want to know what "all in" "all at once" volume it can handle./...thanks
  6. 'decent' is subjective to each individual.
  7. If you think it's thin increase, THEN DO NOT TRADE IT.

    Here we go again...

    Jumping around from market to market. I believe your last PM me to said you were going to focus on the ES. I guess that planned changed... again...
  8. whit i agree, thats a great income for most that love being in the market as a trader. the sky is the limit, its all all a mental game anyway. no limitations of what a trader can earn, if someone is smart enough to understand how the game is played , thats all.
  9. and all these people who claim it's thin are ridiculous. i'd bet dollars to donuts, none of them are trading 20+ lots, and anything less than that - the YM handles easily

    traders should be much more concerned with COST EFFECTIVENESS, and the YM's superior spread makes it vastly superior for intraday trading
  10. I have not seen any problems at all with fills of 10, 20, 30 or 40 lots in most cases. I have not gone for 40 or more often so cannto comment but even if you can get 20 points average a day on 20 contracts that is $2k a day. That is huge if you can do it....
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