Exclusive: FBI official under investigation after allegedly altering document in 2016 Russia probe

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    I would say repost, but you beat me to the edit. Inb4 underlines were made.
  3. We know that Lisa Page altered 302's. Not speculation but fact. The texts of her reporting that she did to Strzok have been released.

    So we know that she falls into the catergory but do not know that she is the one in the crosshairs at this time. Could be someone else. And her turn could be coming.

    Or...she may have flipped on someone else. Lisa has been very cooperative from day one - more or less- so I doubt that she is high on their list. She knows about altered documents though- because she did some and she probably knows who did others. Strzok is always a target-rich environment.

    Nor is it a given that Horowitz's report will out the person. Will have to wait for Durham.
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    After saying hundreds of times wait for Horowitz Tree now knows Horowitz is a flop and now its wait for Durham LOL!!!
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  7. Yo Lisa, my love, long time no see- what's shakin? Howz things with Pete?

    How come you resigned voluntarily if you did not commit any crimes or wrongdoing? Howz your legal career coming along?

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    no evidence of laws broken yet, eh. Hang in there, there is bound to be a speeding ticket somewhere, or maybe they cut the tag off a mattress.
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    No evidence at Page et al will get exonerated on December 9th by their own hand picked investigator and AG and watch them continue with this nonsense because they have no care for truth.
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  10. Everything was fine and above board and no wrondoing with both Page and Strzok.

    They both left just to spend more time with their families, I suppose.
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