Exclusive: Biden Daughter Cocaine Video Was a Setup

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  1. Exclusive: Biden Daughter Cocaine Video Was a Setup

    March 2009

    It was a setup.

    The video purporting to show Vice President Joe Biden's daughter Ashley snorting cocaine was preplanned by a man trying to get rich selling the tape, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

    The man, who is apparently a friend of Ashley's, even bought the cocaine and the hidden camera, our investigation has uncovered.

    Click here to read the exclusive report of the tape and its contents

    The Vice President has been one of this country's leading warriors in the fight against drugs and helped create the Drug Czar post. But scandal exploded around him in the past few days when RadarOnline.com uncovered that a man was hawking a tape that shows a cocaine-snorting woman who looks identical to Biden's 27-year-old daughter. The seller represented that the woman is Ashley Biden and hired a Washington, D.C. law firm to help him sell the tape.

    Biden has not commented and his daughter has been unreachable.

    RadarOnline.com viewed the tape but did not offer to purchase it. The man who made the tape shopped it to several media outlets but did not receive any written offers, we've learned.

    Now, RadarOnline.com has discovered that the woman who is alleged to be Ashley Biden was set up in an elaborate plot by her "friend." The man bought cocaine and a hidden camera and brought the cocaine to a party.

    He then made sure that he was in correct position to film her when she snorted the drugs.

    Click here to read report that the lawyer representing the drug tape seller quit.

    The seller had planned to get the woman alleged to be Ashley on tape doing drugs for at least three weeks. The tape was shot this year.

    It is clear from the tape that the woman said to be Ashley Biden does not know she is being filmed.

  2. LOL. The spin team was all over this one, just as I predicted. She was "set up." So was Michael Phelps, and I don't recall all this handwringing about him.

    Bottom line, no one forced the straw up her nose. And unlike Bill Clinton, it will be hard for her to claim she "didn't inhale." You can be pretty damn sure if the "woman who resembles Biden's daughter" was not in fact Biden's daughter, there would be hysterical denials all over the media. Instead, silence.

    What this shows is that Biden has a double standard. He wants to send ordinary people to prison for long terms for using drugs, so he can posture as "tough on drugs." When it's his own daughter, he sends out the White House goon squad to spike the story. Of course, these are the same liberals who want to raise ordinary people's taxes while they don't pay their own.
  3. Democrats own the media. Remember when that dumb ass nephew of Ted Kennedy ran his car into the barricade while shit faced? Claimed he had taken Ambien lol.
  4. Doesn't really change the fact that Biden is snorting cocaine on tape :eek:
  5. +1

  6. Evidently it was an exact body double.........

    Attack of the liberal pod people...........