Exciting NFL Rookies to watch this year!

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  1. I think he has looked pretty good for a rookie. He's kind of small and doesn't have a rocket arm, but he knows how to get rid of the ball.
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  2. Brennan gave up millions after his junior year to stay at Hawaii and go for an undefeated season, which he accomplished even though playing hurt and not putting up the record stats he had his junior year. He is making peanuts compared to what he would have made if he had gone pro after his junior year.

    Say what you want about his idiotic escapade at CU, but the kid has a lot of heart and lays it all on the line. He has loyalty to Hawaii, which is more than you can say for June Jones.

    I sincerely hope he gets the opportunity to show what he can do.
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  3. I hope he does well too.

    Just hard for a "system" QB to have success in the NFL- especially without the measurables.

    But he is a gutsy kid. Good luck to him.
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  4. If the Redskins O line plays like it did saturday, he may be getting his shot sooner than expected.

    I like the looks of this guy. He knows how to get the ball out of there.
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  5. Darren McFadden and Mendenhall
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  6. What about Brady Quinn? Will he ever get off the bench?
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  7. Who cares.

    If Quinn is in that means DA is having some issues/injury.

    The last thing on Earth any real follower of the Browns wants is to see the backup QB in.

    Not sure why so many are fascinated w/ an unproven guy who just happens to be named Quinn.

    I repeat - having your Pro Bowl QB go down and having your backup QB go in IS NOT A GOOD THING.
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  8. Wow!!...thats elite making the pro bowl..he's right up there with Manning and Brady LMAO...and Jeff Garcia and his 13 touchdown passes last year.:D
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  9. another name for a game with the Browns is "an easy practice" LOL
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  10. bigpipn went to Colorado?
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