Exciting NFL Rookies to watch this year!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by killthesunshine, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. who are they?

    name one worth watching!
  2. i'll start..

    Should Roethlisberger be worried about Leftwich or even Dixon??
  3. If you want excitement, just watch the Browns this year.

  4. I just hope Braylon comes back 100% from the stitches he got after Stallworth stepped on his ankle or whateve it was. Press says he'll miss 2 preseason games but he's our main scoring threat and I don't want him to miss even a step.
  5. What's going on with the Pats??

    Is Belichick truly the best coach out there?
  6. Another Browns fan?

    I'm sure more will start to come out since the team is good again. I've been on this board since 2005 w/ the same username. No one can doubt if I've been behind this team since day 1.

    Anyone else out in ET land want to claim being a Browns fan now before the season starts or do you want to wait to see first?

  7. LOL
  8. I live in a burb of Cleveland and have been a Browns fan since Lou Groza days. Used to live and die by what happened but since the move that sort of fanaticism faded. Still a fan but not like the Sipe/Kosar eras. Imagine what a team we'd have if all those draft picks were ...better.
  9. Yes ......the excitement of watching Derek Andreson's interceptions getting run back.

    Then Brady Koser can come is ...then excitement can really begin...especially since the guy can't a target 5 yards wide.

  10. DA is the real deal there doc. You'll see.

    Grab the Browns in your fantasy if you want POINTS.

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