Exchanges & Casinos: NYX ICE NMX / WYNN MPEL LVS

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by scriabinop23, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. These things are shooting up through the roofs, and I'm (mostly) on the sidelines. honestly bummed out a little i've missed the ride up. :)

    I can't help but think these two sectors are giant bubbles waiting to pop. but i've learned, maybe thats the loser in me (on this trade) -- a common pattern on ET is posters who miss out on moves calling to short them instead, regardless to fundamentals of what makes the move happen.

    Any comments from those more informed - is it mostly retail, or hedge funds using these as their trading vehicles, now that the latest round of China, the commodities boom, etc. all seem to be temporarily petering out ??

    it seems to me watching this market by sectors that there's only so much 'hot money' and it runs from place to place making these giant moves happen ...

    starting to think i should just buy a bunch of straddles and forget about it... for once, IV might actually be low enough on some of these ... er... screw straddles, maybe just buy calls.
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    was about to buy WYNN at an even 100 today but decided against it. Now trading at 102. These stocks continue to move higher. I remember ICE in low 100's...
  3. i remember when i bought ice at 87; cramer said something and it sold off to 80; i said the hell with it and sold some puts, and a few days later it was 95-100 (forget). sold it and thought i was brilliant. just months later, you know the story.