Exchange on evil for another?

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    There is no question, in my mind at least, that governmental backing of nuclear power to eliminate carbon emissions is the right thing to do given the near critical point of the earth's climate due to to these emissions. However, the solution being touted, that of building the old style nuclear reactors has a side effect of producing vast amounts of radioactive waste. This waste would then find it's way deep into the Earth where it can do no harm, at least for a while. This seems to me the exchanging of one evil for another, albeit one that would take quite a while to become a problem. In theory at least, when it becomes a problem, instead of polluting the planet with vast amounts of radioactive waste, we willbe technologically advanced enough to be able to cheaply send that waste into the sun, or store it on some rogue moon, etc.

    But why not build fast-neutron reactors?

    These reactors greatly reduce the problem of radioactive side effects.

    I will give you a hint as to why fast neutron reactors are not likely going to happen, even though they greatly reduce the waste problem. Google "fast breeder reactors" and connect the dots (or just read the link above).