Exchange Fee Price Change

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  1. Just receive it from eSignal....
    Dear eSignal Subscriber:

    Effective January 1, 2006, some exchanges are changing their fees, and eSignal is instituting a $3.00USD administrative fee on some futures exchanges. The changes are as follows:

    Exchange Old Rate New Rate

    Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) $38.00USD $43.00USD*

    CME E-Minis $15.00USD $23.00USD*

    CME Globex Level I (introduction) $28.00USD*

    CME Globex Level II $20.00USD $25.00USD

    Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) $43.00USD $53.00USD*

    New York Mercantile (NYMEX), for first user $58.00USD $43.00USD*

    NYMEX, for each additional user $22.00USD $40.00USD

    Commerce Exchange (COMEX), for first user $58.00USD $43.00USD*

    COMEX, for each additional user $22.00USD $40.00USD

    NYMEX e-miNY $ 5.00USD $ 9.00USD*

    SIMEX $25.00USD $30.00USD

    Oslo Stock Exchange (non-professionals only) $ 8.00USD $12.00USD

    Handheld products (i.e., QuoTrek) are affected as well. The new pricing is as follows:

    Handheld Units: Old Rate New Rate

    New York Mercantile (NYMEX) $15.00USD $28.00USD*

    Commerce Exchange (COMEX) $15.00USD $28.00USD*