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    Does anyone know how the exchange determines the bust price range? Especially for those ECNs, ARCA, Island...

  2. on arca the guideline is $1 out of market or 10%. if no one complains and it's even outside the guideline they will usually let it stand, as long as it's within reason. if the other party complains arca issues a ruling. they will usually let the trade stand if it's within the guidelines but sometimes they will break it. ultimately it is their discretion. there is also the possibility of a trade adjustment if both parties agree.

    on nasdaq it is 20% away for a trade break.
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    Thanks for reply.

    Are sure about the 20% away for a trade break on nasdaq? I used to have one trade only 8% away but got busted.

    20% away from the market, so what is the market price? The price of the next trade?

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    I've been involved with many busted/adjusted trades. I've gotten explanations from NASDAQ that are completely inconsistent and the opposite of the reasoning given for other break decisions. They have a bunch of guidelines. But, it usually just comes down to "we do what we want."
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    Is that anyway we can complain about it? I don't even got any exapanations. A few thousands profit was gone.

  6. there is usually a small time frame within which you can appeal the decision. for arca it costs $500. you have to get your firm to make the appeal. when you have a trade that is borderline a lot of it comes down to your firm. if they fight for you they can prevent a break or at least get it adjusted. if they don't arca usually just breaks it.

    I find nasdaq a lot more inconsistent than arca. nasdaq says 20% but they do what they want basically.
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    You mean I can ask my broker to fight for me when I was told the trade was under review? Good to know.

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    sadly, you have been misinformed.

    Bust thresholds range from 3-10% for RTH on nasdaq. I believe these guidelines have been implemented marketwide for some time now.

    Here's a link with all the details.

    - mnx