Excess Credit Cause of All Problems? So Relieved To Know Employment Doesn't Matter...

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  1. I guess that employment data doesn't matter, because I keep hearing equity analysts and Bush Administration officials saying that the problems we're having now center squarely around the excess credit created by irresponsible financial institutions over the last several years.

    That's a huge relief...knowing that we don't have to create new jobs, and that we can keep losing millions of jobs in the U.S., and that it won't matter.

    This 'employment' issue used to be critical in any stopping a worsening economy.

    Such a relief...
  2. Did they include "Fed" and "endorsement by Administration", and "Congress" among the irresponsible?
  3. Daal


    Why you seem to have a hard time understanding that employment is a lagging indicator is beyond me

  4. So you're saying that the employment situation is on the cusp of turning around, and you know even approximately when this will happen?

    This IS what you're implying, correct?

    Care to share any rough estimate dates?

  5. AK100


    Don't worry, wait until next week because then...........

    OBAMA will save America.

    He's got a plan you know - TO BORROW MORE MONEY :) :) :)

    Cue - soppy music, dreary soft interviews that say 'history is being made' over and over again, plenty of gushing and tears.

    In fact, anyone want to make me a market about how many times the phrase 'history is being made' next week on the TV.

    if you offer is anything less than 2,000 then I'm a big buyer :)