Excerpts from an Israeli soldier's experience in Gaza

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  1. There are snipers and stuff – but there were two things that were particularly hard for me. One is that almost every single house is booby-trapped – even with families inside! Because it looks good on the news [against Israel] to have a whole family killed… the people are forced to stay there, or sometimes they stay on their own – this is insane, we can't comprehend this... It's scary kicking in a door and thinking that the entire house might collapse or blow up on you.

    Fear of Being Snatched
    But even more scary is the fact that there are tunnels everywhere in Gaza – not just the ones that people know about in southern Gaza. I don't know how many there are, but there are tunnels between houses and headquarters and the like, not only for reinforcements, but also because one of their main goals is to kidnap soldiers. That is really terrifying. You see a bush and suddenly the bush moves and a hand sticks out, trying to grab a soldier's leg and pull him inside. It happened a lot… Or we're in a house trying to get some sleep, and you don't know if a floor tile will suddenly move and someone will try to grab you. So on the one hand, you try to sleep very little, but we also work very closely together, looking after each other, helping each other, and certainly not doing anything by oneself…

    The Old-Man-and-the-Cane Trick
    The top Hamas guys are dug-in and hiding pretty well under hospitals and schools, and they don't even know what's going on outside. We've cut their phone lines, including cell phones, and they communicate by sending children with notes to each other; we've caught kids carrying notes. We once saw an old man hobbling down the street with a cane, looking very bent over and wretched, and when he saw Israeli soldiers, he suddenly threw away the cane, ran over to them and tried to blow himself up on them; the soldiers were able to shoot him first.

    No Concern for Life
    The mindset of the enemy is so alien to us; by us, the death of any one soldier is terrible, a national tragedy – but by them, it seems that they want as many deaths as possible. In Israel, schools even dozens of kilometers from Gaza are closed in order to minimize the risk, which is pretty small – but in Gaza, where there are bombs all over the place all the time, we've seen kindergartens filled with 150 or 200 children, and the kindergartens are booby trapped! They even shoot rockets from inside mosques and these places…
  2. The babies, children, women, elderly. and armed people that we find morally disturbing and illegal happened as a result of air attacks or attacks from other remote firing.

    At least 500 of these murders took place when the soldiers were still outside of Gaza.

    So the account of soldiers who are scared cannot justify the murders that were done by non infantary.
  3. Please answer the following 2 questions: A) If Mexico starting unleashing daily rocket fire against America from civilian areas in Mexico, and you were President of America, would you let Mexico even destroy America? B) If you were a police officer, and you someone who was countering you used their own children as body guards, would you let yourself get killed?

    Don't get me wrong, I'm open to hearing what you have to say.
  4. Yeah! I fully believe an Israeli killer!!

    In Khouza'ah, Israeli Bulldozers demolished homes on top of their inhabitants, shot and killed civilians fleeing while raising white flags and shot and killed EMS who went to retrieve the killed.

    We all know about the like of this Israeli soldiers who killed the parents of four little kids (the Oldest was seven) and left the kids next to their dead parents for four days. We all know how when the Red Cross came to retrieve the dead from that neighborhood, they were prevented to approach the homes, including the home that contained these 4 kids, for 12 hours. When the Red Cross arrived at the home where the children were, they found the Israeli soldiers 12 meters away relaxing next to the home while the the children were crying and slowly dying dehydration next to their dead parents.

    We all know about how the Israeli soldiers held families with little children in their homes for few days, eating and enjoying their lives while the little baby were starving in front of them.

    We also know of the White Phosphoros bombs that were dumped at the Unite Nation's schools that were full of fleeing civilians.

    Yeah...I truly believe that Nazi.
  5. Mexico was not being starved to death by the US for exercising their democratic right of electing their own government.

    Mexico did not lose thousands of civilians (mostly women, Babies and the sick) due to the embargo.

    US did not do daily incursions into Mexico demolishing hundreds of homes and destroying hundreds of Acres of farm land

    As for your second question, Even the UN in Gaza documented the Israelis using civilians as Human shield because the cowards knew that they were not brave enough to face the Resistance fighters who were more than willing to give their lives for their land.
  6. I beg your pardon, but I think Israel is more concerned about the lives of the Palesinians than Hamas.
  7. Do not beg my pardon...The whole world saw in pictures and videos what Israel did. As for you, stick to Fox.
  8. No way to stop the missile fire without entering Gaza, and no way to enter Gaza without killing civilians--but the latter was SET UP by Hamas & Palestinians themselves.

    BTW, interesting that you don't mention how Israel warned civilians to leave and/or not to have connections with Hamas?

    As a preacher of rights & wrongs, why do you leave that out?
  9. JERUSALEM, Dec. 25 (UPI) -- Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is appealing to Palestinians in Gaza to stop the Islamic militant group Hamas from launching rocket attacks.

    Olmert, speaking directly to Gaza residents during an interview Thursday on the Arab satellite station al-Arabiya, told viewers, "I say to you in a last minute call, stop it," The Jerusalem Post reported.

    "Stop it, you the citizens of Gaza, you can stop it," Olmert said. "I know how much you want to get up in the morning to quiet, to take your children to kindergarten or school, the way we do, they way they want to in Sderot and Netivot."

    Olmert added, "Don't let Hamas, which is acting against the values of Islam, put you in danger. Stop them. Stop your enemies and ours."

    Hamas, meanwhile, said Wednesday that it would continue to fire rockets at Israel as an act of "self-defense" and derided what it called Israel's "state of confusion" about how to react to its biggest-ever bombardment of 70 rockets and mortar shells this week, the Post said.

    Sameeh, you can't say you weren't warned, you can't say you did not have a choice. But once again you chose badly, once again you chose to fuck with the Jews.
  10. You see how you are heavily influenced by Fox???

    The Gaza strip was completely under siege! where would civilians run to? The Head of the UN mission in Gaza said it best when he said "there is no place for people to run to. There is no safe place in Gaza"

    Even the UN compounds which housed thousands of civilians were shelled by the Israelis...3 times! Even though UN personal informed the Israeli side of their coordinates and of the fact that their compound housed thousands of fleeing civilians. In all instances, the Israelis claimed that fighters were firing from next to the compound while UN personal unequivocal denied the Israeli claims.

    In one instance, in Deir al Balah, Israel instructed residents to leave. Before the the fleeing civilians approached a safer area, Israeli air forces shelled them resulting in the death of tens of civilians.
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