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  1. For quick and dirty data analysis that doesn't involve many data, I still prefer using Excel over R/Py as it's more visual and simple. I exclusively use Excel for non-critical things like portfolio review and position monitor etc.

    Been like most people I guess, I write macros and attach them to some buttons or form controls. For some general macros such as Black-Scholes etc, I want to detach them from any particular workbooks and save as xlam. I want to attach/call them to the ribbon in a custom tab.

    I realized that the I need to adjust the Excel UI using XML through this RibbonX thing, which seems rather involved. I guess it is kinda similar to using xml in an Android app layout or FXML in JavaFX GUI? Not sure if it is really that complicated and worthy to just create a simple Ribbon for some personal functions (mostly pricing formulas and statistical functions).
  2. I used the following suite in the past and it made things much easier to write add ins for excel or rtd servers.


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  3. Actually, after reading a book chapter on the Ribbon and some blogs, it isn't as complicated as I thought, at least for the basic controls I need for personal use. Quite similar to Android UI.
  4. Yeah true, but perhaps you could acknowledge when someone digs up some information for you and tries to answer your question.