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  1. Thanks for posting.
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    So he expects a turn of the cycle on April 19th, about 3 weeks from now. But can't say whether it is a peak or a bottom.
  3. Thanks for posting !! I had no clue he could get a paper out at all...
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    the first page of his 77 page thesis shows the market moving up between March 23, 2008 and March 19, 2009. The opposite has happened.

    i'm sorry to say this guy's deluded himself into thinking he can find predictable patterns in random data.
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    I helped a friend help a friend. When I was sent that essay in October (It's Just Time), I never realized it would create such a huge snowball! Since then, I have received and published 12 more of Marty's essays. He is very happy that his voice is heard once again.

    He no longer has the Super Computer he created to do the computations for him. It was confiscated and subsequently destroyed in 911 where it had been stashed, so Marty has to do ALL computations by sheer brain power--so his dates might be off by a bit.

    I am greatful that there is someone helping us by editing some of the essays so his 'Non-Linear" thought processes can be understood a little better once they are posted on Contrahour.

    Anyone who wants any of the essays to post on a website or for personal use, contact me at k58@gmx.com. I always send them to Contrahour first. "The Decline and Fall of Western Civilization Because of Debt and Taxes Again" is the newest one, and he has a great one coming with China as the main topic...

    P.S.Oh yeah I forgot, he told me that the March 19th date was off by about a month, so the date should be April 19-23
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    is marty still in prison? if so does he have a release date?
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    Yes...he is in Fort Dix Prison CAMP. If he completes his sentence, he will be out sometime in 2011. We are hoping that he will be out before that. Recently, he did an interview with 'The New Post', and also permission has been granted for someone from The Nikkei press to do one as well. Also the Germans are trying to get in to see him. Funny how our own Government hasn't made a move to get help from him. Too many of the 'Big guys' do not want anyone to know the truth, and that's what Marty always exposes. Why do you think he's in there? They had to trash his name enough so people would believe he was a crook and an idiot. They succeeded. A lot of false information has been written by many corespondents.

    You can write him directly at this address:

    Martin Armstrong
    FCI Fort Dix CAMP
    P.O. BOX 2000
    Fort Dix, NJ 08640

    He can use the support--thanks for your concern.
  8. Reading abouw how accurate his predictions where I googled this mister and picked up the following essay.


    500 page work about historical business cycles, interest rates, political behaviour, commodity performances...

    Very impressive.

    You can actually almost feel the touch of genius he has in him but there is this unidentifiable sence of madness as well somewhere in there.


    A must read in my view.:)
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  9. What the hell was he convicted of?
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