Excellent Piece by John Hussman

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    There is some excellent information in this week's comments from John Hussman. Both about how we failed to resolve the financial mess and what are the prospects for the stock and bond markets.

    It's well worth reading.

  2. Excellent this week. Hes one of the only guys who gets it.
  3. < cough cough> underperfoming < cough cough> :eek:
    write about doom

    <IMG SRC=http://chart.finance.yahoo.com/z?s=HSTRX&t=1y&q=l&l=on&z=l&c=%5EGSPC&p=s&a=v&p=s&lang=en-US&region=US>

    <IMG SRC=http://chart.finance.yahoo.com/z?s=HSGFX&t=1y&q=l&l=on&z=l&c=%5EGSPC&p=s&a=v&p=s&lang=en-US&region=US>
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    Very nice article!!!

    Nice reading material!!!
  5. The last 5 years suck.

    Some good number from inception through 2005, but 2006-2010 are hardly impressive.

    It will be even worse when this qtr. ends b/c the charts posted above show his dramatic underperformance since October.
  6. <IMG SRC=http://chart.finance.yahoo.com/z?s=HSGFX&t=2y&q=l&l=on&z=l&c=%5EGSPC,%5EIXIC&p=s&a=v&p=s&lang=en-US&region=US>

    <IMG SRC=http://chart.finance.yahoo.com/z?s=HSGFX&t=5y&q=l&l=on&z=l&c=%5EGSPC,%5EIXIC&p=s&a=v&p=s&lang=en-US&region=US>

    look at the since inception folks, cause we ain't done shit for 5 mofo years...now i need to rite moar doom, lollerskates on!
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    Hussman is a permabear. There is no point in reading anything he writes because he writes the same thing over and over. Let me sum this up for you, w/o having read the piece: stocks and bonds are overpriced and risks are too high.
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  9. Stupidity,

    Way to show your bias. Just select a chart with recent data rather than since inception (10 years of data):


    No wonderso many innumerate idiots on here fail at trading.
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