Excellant Book on Derivatives/Stocks & Co

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  1. This is one of the most practical books on stocks/derivatives i have ever studied.Includes trading plan help
    NEW OPTION SECRET, by David Caplan

    No -its NOT as good /helpful as Jack Schwager 3 Top Trader books[Market Wizzards ], or Proverbs of Solomon, but few books are that helpful.....:cool:

    $64.95, plus $4.99 postage;7 or 8 day exchange priveleges.COD or checks , or money order accepted.No Paypal.

    Better than average condition, fed reserve greencolor candle marks[mine] & blood red candlechart marks.... Inside book binding has a small battle crack in it but thats not visible from outside.I used glue to fix that .Some trend notes in it

    It may take me 7 or 8 working days to reply .