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  1. Hello

    I have found the information I want but I can't sort it out with excell. I have the quarterly volume stats for stocks on the TSX but when I import them to Excell they are crammed together in 1 column instead of being in 3 columns. How do I sort them so I can use the data? The data includes the symbol, the company name and the volume but it all ends up in the "A" column instead of A,B and C. Thank you for any and all help.

  2. Might get more help if you post the actual workbook.
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    Text to columns, under Data.

  4. This is what the data looks like now. What I need is a way to sort it into separate columns, one for ticker-symbol, one for name and 1 for volume. I tried the text to columns but couldn't get it to sort properly. I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you.


    AAH Aastra Technologies 2,038,118
    ABG Arawak Energy Corp 7,118,039
    ABH AbitibiBowater Inc. 6,127,553
    ABO.B Arbor Memorial Cl B 92,219
    ABT Absolute Software J 9,185,693
    ABX Barrick Gold Corp 191,652,208
    ABZ Aber Diamond Corp 3,697,961
    AC.A Air Canada Cl A VV 20,831,220
    AC.B Air Canada Cl B 4,577,285
    ACC Amica Mature Lfstyle 471,629
    ACE.A ACE Aviation Hldg VV 42,816,493
    ACE.B ACE Aviation Hldg V 15,967,397
    ACE.NT.A ACE Aviation 4.25%Nt 21,708,000
    ACF.UN IAT Air Cargo Tr Un 365,412
    ACM.A Astral Media Cl A NV 7,824,964
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    Unless you have a common delimiter, such as a comma or a tab, its going to be difficult to get the values in the columns correctly (the spaces throw it off). You may need to do some data conditioning before pasting or importing into excel.
  6. There are a few ways to do this (some more simple than others). This is a fast and simple approach. You lose a bit of the middle strings (like corp.), but I figured most of what you need is here.
    Also, you can get the strings back with a little ingenuity, if you absolutely need them.

  7. Hello Dtrader,
    You certainly seem adept with Excell. What I did was separate the numbers in notepad from the text and managed to get the info arranged the way I needed. Thank you for your kindness in helping as well as the other people also.
    How do I add (-TC ) to the end of each symbol as these are CDN stocks and I use Esignal as my data provider? Once again thank you for your help, it is very much appreciated.

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  8. no problem TC. Thanks for the words of appreciation. It's good to hear feedback once in a while.:)

    Anytime you want to add something to a symbol from a column, simply go to another column and enter an equation as follows:


    Where the 1st cell from the column you want to apply is A1 in this case (or B12 or whatever cell you start at), then drag it to the end of the list you want to apply it to.

    If you want a blank in-between the symbol and the -TC string that you want concatenated, type

    =A1&" "&"-TC"

    Good Luck. Let me know if it doesn't work for any reason.
  9. Thanks DTtrader, it worked like a charm. I do appreciate your help.

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