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    I will like to ask how I can export , open, high, low, close, volume...etc to excel on a universe of stocks without doing them individually. I got this link from e-signal.


    which costs a one-time fee of $80.00, but a friend of mine told me I can set up a hyperlink using MSN money/yahoo finance for the update, any of you guys know how?


    is also a good source but I do not want all of them listed on an exchange. what do you guys will suggest?

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    It will be far easier for you to write a plugin for Excel in any of the .NET languages than to wrestle with Excel itself.


    And this for an example in C#:

    Very flexible; import data from whatever you like.

  3. Too hard to program.
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    Too hard for who?

  5. If you have a little talent with excel and vba it can be done easily. I recall years ago writing some excel vba that downloaded historical daily data from yahoo and inserted it into an access db.
    I probably had a list of stocks in excel to process and looped through them creating a web query. I then parsed the data to extract the high,low, close for each day. There is no need for an addin.

    However if you want a more elegant solution you can create a .net addin (or use another language, such as java, to do the same thing) that opens up an http stream and reads and parses the yahoo csv file.

    The end results will be the same.
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    too hard for me, I do not have programming background as I studied life science at University. Give me the weekend to go over my excel bible and the links. I took a glimpse but already found the first link too hard to understand for me.

    I appreciate all the help offered

  7. Too hard for me too. I don't know how to program computers. I know excel, but I don't know C programming or Visual basic programming. I dont' know excel programming. I just know how to use excel. The basics.
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    Well then - get to your local community college and load up on their introductory programming classes. You will be programming in a week, and in two months you will thank me. These new languages (C#, Java, Visual Basic) are a walk in the park. So, get to it. There is no good excuse.

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  10. LOL. Thanks. :D
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