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    Anyone know how to make the number format of an array change based on the value of a particular cell (not in the array)?

    Conditional formatting only allows for changes to font, borders, and patterns.
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    Let me add 1 more question to that.

    Is it possible to combine decimal and fraction formats? example: 2.5/32
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    You can concatenate a value from another cell to your values in the array and make the formatting conditional based on the concatenated value maybe.

    The fraction math will work fine.
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    How do I get it to display 2.5/32?
    In the Format Cells window, Numbers tab, custom, I selected #???/32

    It didn't let me put a decimal point between the question marks to display 1/2 ticks.

    As far as the first question, the input cell will not be the same format as the arrays.
    The input cell will be ZB,ZN,YM, etc...
    The arrays are prices broken in to handles and ticks. 106 12.5/32

    For ZN, I've been displaying it in 64ths to show 1/2 ticks. It works but I would prefer 12.5/32 to 25/64.
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    Does anyone know of any written books on using Excel to develop trading models?
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    Haven't seen any books specificaly for trading applications, been reading VBA books myself.

    My model is almost complete at this point, just trying to make it easier to use. I have 1 version for bonds and 1 version for eminis, would like to combine them.

    Just found this site by searching "excel for trading"
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    It is funy you posted this. When I was working in Austin, this company was just starting out. Now, they moved to Chicago.
    At the time, the talk was being able to build trading models through their "software."

    If you find anything else, let me know.
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    I seem to recall "Trading for Dummies" has some very basic stuff on how to program a Donchian Model into Excel including instructions!

    The other extreme is Kaufman of course...
  10. AnalyzerXL is the best library of trading-oriented add-ins for Excel I've found. Powerful, easy to use, inexpensive. If only BacktestingXL were not limited to EOD...
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