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    Sometimes I want to hit MSFT over the head with a club. I have no idea where anything is in the new version of Excel. Does anyone know if there is a way to go to the old menu items, the same way you can tell windows XP to use classic?
  2. Nope, they made a concious decision not to include a clasic menu option to avoid giving users a crutch to avoid using the new ribbon.
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  5. I agree the new version is totally insane. Why does Microsoft expect us to read pictures now instead of words like they had before? Is Microsoft or their users becoming illiterate? Did I waste years in school learning how to read? Before I switch to Office 2007 or IE 7 I'll look at alternatives like openoffice or calc.
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    Just to let you see some light at the end of the tunnel. I started at a new firm last May, and they used 07 exclusively. I had never used it before and was lost for a long time hitting my head against the wall.

    However, it took less then 2 months to completely fall in love with the new version. shortcuts, hotkeys and all other functions are 10x better. Of course I perform financial modeling in excel for about 60 hours a week so it didn't take too long to get the hang of it.

    Print this PDF and memorize it.


    ps. just keeping hitting alt and follow the letters. It takes you right to the ribbon. so alt +H takes you to Home in the ribbon then a bunch of new letters come up. Practice practice practice
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    Now let's see -----if I put in 60 hrs / week for 2 months --- I'm going to be able to fall in love w/ a new version of a piece of software that I already knew how to use.
    I'll get back to you on that.
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    Hahaha. Is that what you interpreted from my post?

    Sorry. The point I meant to get across is that once you are use to the new version (however long it takes you) and are able to fully compare the version side by side as far as functionality, hotkeys, macro management, customizing, etc.....

    From my personal experience and from others around me that are heavy excel users of 2007 and all previous versions, you will like the new changes and wouldn't switch back.
  9. I hate Excel (or Office) 2007. I just wish they keep things the same. No more the old-style menus. They do let you use the keyboard shortcut sequences (e.g. alt-E-C for copy, alt-E-P for paste, etc.) - if you remember the exact menu sequences. (No hint will be given.) But who the hell remembers that???
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