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  1. I have an excel spreadsheet with a lot of tickers. I want to have a link between an esignal chart and an excel cell so that when i highlight the cell the chart will automatically load. Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. One possible source of info on this is the programming forums on eSig central... someone there might have directly addressed this...




  3. thanks i'll take a look. anyone know how to get a basic start? i don't even know how to link the spreadsheet to esignal
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    This KB article should get you started. As EdgeHunter said, it's a good idea to search the eSignal Central Forums and our KB for lots of existing content on DDE links.

  5. Please let us know if you figure out how to do this.

  6. Hi esginal support. Thanks for the link to the DDE. Do you have a link for all DDE qualifiers in Exce for Esignall?

    Also are you aware if it is even possible to link excel with an esignal chart? Thanks in advnace.
  7. The list of qualifiers can be obtained by clicking on the esignal add-in toolbar help icon. Qualifiers is one of the topics.

    DDE doesn't enable you to communicate back to the esignal to have esignal open a chart. However you could keep the same list of tickers in a quote window in esignal and symbol link it to an advanced chart window. Click on the ticker and the chart displays.

    I need to chart data that esignal doesn't chart AFAIK so I save the data in excel every few seconds and chart that data.
  8. h isorry bernoulli, i'm a bit new at using this. I clicked on the help toolbar and went to help topics in esignal pro and couldn't find a topic w/ qualifier?

    Do you mean a help toolbar somewhere else?
  9. There's a DDE tool that comes with esignal, but you need to launch it from the start menu. Go to Start, Programs, and find your esignal folder. There should be an Excel sample selection which will launch Excel with a 5 button toolbar. The first button opens a sample file with some tabs that show you more about DDE, including a tab which is called Qualifiers Description which lists all the fields you can use. The last button on the toolbar gives you a help file that explains how to use the tool to set up a DDE spreadsheet easier than you can do on your own.