Excel VAR errors and London whale bets

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  2. Interesting, thanks!

    IMO, testing in Excel can often be done similarly to how an accountant checks a new set of accounts to ensure that PnL and Balance Sheet actually do "balance". ... i.e. find alternative routes through the numbers that ought to give you the same result at the end, and then check that they actually do ...
  3. Muted by a factor of two?
  4. I just don't understand how these
    these errors get by people..
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    Yeah. You'd think that what with hiring people from Harvard and the best schools they might actually, oh, I don't know, do some double checking TO PREVENT MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR LOSSES?
  6. nice!
  7. if its not strict about what imput it allows.. you could post your penis on twitter.. pay attention to what your doing.. haha


    pretty cool way to bury a shit ton of risk.. between two worksheets.. haha