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    I am looking for a template or basic excel sheet that will be used for trading through Interactive Brokers. I have looked into a few vendors that supply this type of stuff but I thought someone with experience may be able to point me in the right direction.

    I am decent with excel and have used IB for maybe 20 years. Now I just want to combine to two. I want to just start with the basics. Things like just bringing a quote into excel. Showing the bid/ask and some basic trading. Limit orders and stop orders.

    I guess if there was a template or a somewhat affordable/simple API I could purchase to get me started. If I had something basic so I could see their formulas just to get me rolling.

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    Can you not run an Excel macro to capture prices at the open?
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    Thanks for the help!

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    Are you using IB charts? the reason for my question is planning to use IB Data for Sierra Charts and using IB API to automate system. I am working on trying to develop a scanning system of various equities and once have the established results to my parameters, refining the choices as to get into days and down to minutes. I need minutes due to the large stop losses with $100 + stocks involved with my program.