Excel Technical Indicator Formulae

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  1. Would anyone know a good place to find some simple technical indicator formulae for Excel? I was able to figure out the Bollinger Bands as follows:
    The upper band = ma(A1:A20) + 2*stdev(A1:A20)
    The middle band = ma(A1:A20)
    The lower band = ma(A1:A20) - 2*stdev(A1:A20)

    I'm still working on MACD and RSI.
  2. Usually it is rather exponential moving average that is used with BB.

  3. The formula for RSI is as follows:

    RSI= 100-100/1+RS

    RS = (total price gains/n)/(total price losses/n)

    n=number price changes

    RSI could be calculated in Excel as follows:
    Set up a column of 14 prices in column A. (A1:A14)
    In column B, calculate the difference of each price in column A from the price below it. (B1:B14)

    RSI = 100-(100/(1+(SUMIF(B1:B14,">0")/16)/((SUMIF(B1:B14,"<0")*-1)/16)))

    Any comments or corrections would be appreciated
  4. Thanks sptrading, I looked at Analyzerxl but they have all the formulae for the indicators hidden.
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    Hi Sam,

    There's a trading site at Yahoo! that focuses on Excel. Its called Xltraders. Should have lots of what you're looking for. Here's the URL.



  6. you may want to take a look at http://www.debry.com/ and buy their A to Z spreadsheet program.

    ( Achilles, the guy behind Metastock, wrote a book on all the indicators and this are the formulas in Excel format. )