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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by bassman71, Mar 1, 2006.

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    I have a strategy in Excel that works on 5 minute bars. It is calculation intensive and triggers soft/strong buys/sells with numerous conditions added. In short: I don't thing Easy Language will accomodate such a strategy. Any advise as to converting these rules into a structure that will interact with Genesis' API.

    Muchas gracias.........RO
  2. I haven't seen <anything> that Tradestation cannot accomodate.
  3. www.turboexcel.com is your answer. It will convert your spreadsheet calculations to C++ source code. From there, you just need to "wrap it" with the standard Tradestation DLL interface code.
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    Maybe you can put all your computational intensive algorithms into a dll and continue using excel. Freebasic can make such dlls and the code is similar to VBA.
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    Hi Bassman71

    TradeBolt can easily accomodate your needs. You simply call our API from your VBA in Excel and we send your signals to Genesis.

    I would be happy to discuss a solution with you if you would like to call me.

    Matt Hulan

  6. Uh...Matt. Your organization isn't very responsive:

    I inquired about the licensing cost of your new Universal API via web form... 3 days and counting...no response.