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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by alain, Aug 11, 2002.

  1. alain


    I tried to find a software that lets me analyze all my trading activity. Similar as the Rina Report that is integrated in tradestation.

    Now my search wasn't successful. Even on this board here none seems to know such a software.

    Therefore I started to create my own software with excel and VB and I'm working now on this. I think this is a true solution.

    Now I have a question for those here that analyze their trading with excel...

    do you know a good place where I can find spreadsheets that concentrate on calculating all the different elements for a performance analysis?

    I saw that there are some thing out there concentrating on hedge funds. Maybe some fellow here is active in a hedge fund and is able to give me some advice.

    Thanx, alain
  2. hughmac


    I remember seeing some Excel software but im not sure if its in the "area" that your looking for.

    I think it was called AnalyserXL, a search on google should find it if it still exists! :) :)
  3. DaveN


  4. alain


    thanx, AnalyserXL exists.. but it's more a technical analysis software for excel. The yahoo list looks great.