Excel - sorting rows/removing data VB?

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by sargie, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. sargie


    Hi guys.

    I have a large s/sheet containing imported trade data - however, its full of gumph with only a few rows containing data I need (example attached).

    The info I need i pretty much anything within the 5 or 6 rows under 'SUB-TOTAL Currency'. Unfortunately, I cant sort by 'FX Sale/Purchase' and/or 'movements' as these headers also appear as sub-totals elsewhere within the s/sheet. ie. only purch/sale/movement under the heading 'SUB-TOTAL Currency' are needed.

    Is it possible to delete rows based on multiple criteria of not just what cell A1 contains, but A4 an A5 (if applicable) and A6? FX Purchase & Sales dont always exist, e.g only a sale may occur.

    I then need to run totals of DR/CR but can write something for that myself. Thanks in advance, sorry for the sloppy explanation ;)
  2. fader


    hi - the European indices are asleep probably due to the NFP later today, so i am up for a good deed :) - i had to do something very similar for auditing electronic broker statements - if i understand correctly, here's the setup you need (see the attached file) - check out the formulas in columns D-F - you can tweak the formulas as needed - all you need now is to sort by column F, and then all the unneeded extra rows will be bunched up together so you can delete them all at once - write here if this is not what you wanted - all the best.
  3. sargie


    Thanks Fader - works perfectly! Is there a way I can apply the formula to all relevant rows, i.e stop at the last non-blank row, without having to drag manually?