Excel shutting down with IB API

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  1. Hi folks,

    I'm using an Excel sheet to track a bunch of markets using IB Excel Adaptor (http://www.cyberxpert.com/downloads.html). It seems like at around 1 pm CT, Excel shuts down completely without saving any changes I made to the spreadsheet. IB continues to run.

    I actually upgraded Excel 2003 to 2007 and it did the same. So reverted back to 2003 for the lower overhead.

    Any idea why this would happen?

    The shutdown happens almost as if a Kill Process command is issued. There is no warning or error.
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    Hey buddy!

    I don't have IB anymore but remember it disconnecting once every 24 hrs. Sure it's not disconnecting then reconnectng right away? somewhere you can change those settings, if not that, have no idea.
  4. IB doesn't actually shut down. The IB software continues running but Excel shuts down at almost exactly 1:15 PM CT every day. I then go to click on the worksheet to start it again. It never saves the changes before it shuts down. Very mysterious.
  5. Sorry I don't have an answer for your issue but wondering why you use this excel adapter and not the excel DDE worksheet IB provides... any advantages?

    (hope someone has a solution for your shut-down problem.)
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    The only thing I can think of is to check the Task Manager, but I'm no expert.

    I'm glad you posted though - I didn't know about the Cyberexpert program. I'll give it a try since I've found the data going into Ib's Excel sheet unreliable, and getting the correct info for each symbol is cumbersome.
  7. Your OS might be running out of memmory. Check the size of your swap file, install latest Java and update Excel (to fix possible memory leak)
  8. Is there any particular reason it would shut down Excel over something else? Also, how do you think it would explain the fact that it shuts down at exactly the same time every day?

    Interesting points though.
  9. Yes, I have used the IB Excel Adaptor to pull in Fast Cash and other data and it works just fine. It is a little slower than pulling data off CQG directly, but it is impossible to be fast enough to benefit from the extra 200 ms or so difference. The IB DDE is near impossible to use cleanly via a simple spreadsheet. This adaptor makes it comparable to pulling data off CQG and other simple DDE links.
  10. Pull the data using the IB provided sheet is cumbersome. Try the IB Excel Adaptor and you will see how simple it is to pull in as many symbols as you want.
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