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  1. Looking for an Excel sheet to collect realtime data for a small index of stocks,
    feed the output to Quotetracker, TS2000i, etc. or graph in Excel. Historical data would also need to be maintained. Utilizing IB data would be great.

    Would pay for this sheet outright if this is part of your trading setup or pay to have it programmed.

    If there is an existing product that writes to a database, please pass along a website link.

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  3. There's an excel sheet that comes with the API from Interactive Brokers. You can modify the sheet to suit your requirements. Download the API first from here:

    Once you install the API, there'll be a file called TwsDde.xls You can find the file on your hard drive under C:\Jts\Excel

    Another option is to use Sierrachart. Sierrachart has an excellent interface that works with Excel.
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    You can feed the data into SQL server.
  5. Thank you.

    Still looking to buy an off the shelf solution using this type of database setup.

    Or, willing to pay someone off ET who is already up and running with a similar setup.
  6. Do you need it for real time or can it be delayed?

    I have solutions for both.

    for Delayed simply download the historical data from Yahoo and keep each stock in a seperate tab. For quotes updated throughout the day just web MS Excel web query to go out and grab the quotes on a 10 min interval in a completely seperate tab. Then coordinate the dates correctly so the stocks are updated in their own tab. I do this with my spreadsheet and I update my systems without me having to do a thing.

    For real time do everything the same except use real time data (assuming you use IB) and have the links getting the IB data into your spreadsheet that has all your historical data in it.

    It really isn't that difficult and you could probably do it in about an hour or so. If you want I could email you mine.