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    hi, does anyone know of a data provider other than realtick that will give realtime chart tables in excel? most provide streaming dde links, but i have yet to find someone other than realtick that allows for a realtime chart table. thanks in advance.
  2. One option-
    You can write a macro in VBA that will copy and paste (the dde data you have) in a specefied timeframe using the excel timer and create a chart with the data. It will be snapshots though not OHLC.
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    that would be great, i've done some searches here for a script, but they don't seem to work. if you could post one or suggest a place to look, it would be greatly appreciated. thanks again!
  4. Sent ya a PM
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  6. NeoTicker does that in user specified time frames.
    e.g. 3-sec, 1-min, 2-min, 2-hr, 3-hr, etc.

    You can even get indicator values into Excel.


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    I just made some calls last week to several providers looking for a real time DDE connection to a tick server (each trade with volume) at IQFeed.net provides it for 65 per month..i havent found anyone else, esignal connects you to there quote server (hi, low, cum vol, etc ) but not a tick server.
  8. eSignal DDE has a field called last trade size which is the volume for the last trade print... is that THE field you are looking for or is there something more...
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    looking for each bid/ask trade plus its volume, the "last trade" field gives you the volume of each last trade how would you know if its on the bid or ask?

    thanks for the reply and help.
  10. That's possible but tricky... you would have to have a VB change event code that grabbed the bid and ask values on each last print change and then compared the last print value to both of them to see which one matched and if not a match then is it above ask or below ask or in middle of spread - might be a wee bit cpu intensive but if valuable is doable...
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