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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gs57143, Oct 8, 2002.

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    I have downloaded a raw data file from quotetracker and loaded it into Excel. I want to find a way to create a chart with this data for backtesting, but I have to be able to extract the periodic open, high, low, and close to create the chart. The data I have is time of last sale, price of last sale, and the bid and ask, which I don't need(bid and ask). Is there a quick way of sorting the data into columns for the open, high, low, and close for set periods of time.
  2. Try saving it as a .txt file, then open excel, and try to open the .txt file by using the OPEN command from the file header in excel.

    A "wizard" should pop up which will walk u thru what you're trying to accomplish.
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    thank you for the reply, but I already have the data on the screen in the proper format. I'm just wondering if there are a few quick and easy formulas I can plug in that will breakout the open, high, low, and close for a specified time interval, based on time of last sale data, and price of last sale data.
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    Yes gs57143............this would be very useful.

    I downloaded QT yesterday to solve another problem and used the "export" feature but could not export the data in a timeframe of my choice i.e. 5 min, 30 min etc. only output seemed to be "Tick" data.

    Seems a popular program and am already impressed with it's features (i.e. chart a portfolio.........been trying this in excel for a while but it's clumsy. QT is lovely.)

    I am sure your (and mine) request is common and there is a solution and many have it.

    might try QT boards to find who knows.

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    Yes this is possible by using QT's API (saw message on their boards).............but me no programmer bah!

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    This maybe of help.
    Dynamic formulas, ranges, similar to dynamic charts.

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