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  1. Does any one know how to do an average of more then 30 numbers in excel? The function AVERAGE(A1:A30) can only do up to 30 numbers and I want to try to do and average of around 120. Am I missing something? I don't know why I can't figure it out.
  2. the AVERAGE function can do much more than 30 numbers, it looks like the problem is the range you are specifying: A1:A30. Try changing the "A30" to the last row in your A column with data in it. Alternatively, you can just put AVERAGE(A:A) and that will average all populated cells in the A column.

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  3. Bob111


    put mouse cursor at last number of first 30, on right lower corner. you mouse arrow will look like little cross. grab last number and hold with right click with cross on. go down to last number. all calculations will be done automatically.

    did you tried


    maybe some of the numbers in cells are strings ?

    hope you can understand my english :D
  4. The problem is that I'm not trying to do all the numbers in a column, I'm trying to get my average win and my average loss of 120 trades. So the column has both positive and negative numbers in it. I was doing AVERAGE(number1,number2,...,...,) and so on but it will only let you do up to 30 numbers that way.
  5. Ah, well that's different. In that case, I'd put "=If(A2>0,A2,"")" in B2 (or your first free cell in the 2nd row) and copy it down the whole dataset. Mark it "wins" then just average that whole column like I described above.

    I'll post and example in a second....

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  6. here you go...
  7. errrr, here you go
  8. That worked, thanks!
  9. Any time!

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